What does he really want? What shld I do?

So my. ex and I have been broken up for about 2 weeks (he broke up with me due to. trust issues-insecurities) and Everytime I try talking to him about it he gets upset and says he doesn't want to.. to the point where he said to stop pressuring him and give him his space. He talks to my bff and my bff told me he's told her before that he wants me to stop pressuring him but he also has said he wants me to show him I've changed... but how do I show him when he blocks it.. he wnt let me talk about it.. so lately I'll do small things like I went today and bought him lunch the day before while he was getting his food I went and served him his drink he said "you dnt have to do that.. I said I know I want to" him and so work together so its hard to. completely avoid each other.. although we are not in the same room together but like yest. While I was grabbing something he came. from. behind and gave me a hug.. I don't know y.. I didn't? It I was shocked I didn't have time to think I just started talking about something else... he's told me he's moved on but I dnt think he fully has... he tells my bff to stop pressuring him yet he wants me to show him.. well how do I? Any suggestions? What do you'll think he meaning that


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  • Dear listen
    u know guys who love someone the most
    And care for them
    also trust them and
    little sensitive
    but because of that
    have always fear to loose them

    it is not insecurity or trust issue
    but we love to listen that
    suppose in my case
    listen that my gf will never leave me
    she loves me a lot

    after somedays again i may have bad dream orbsomething like that
    i just want to listen from her that she is mine
    I trust her a lot nd i feel best with her

    but when i see the social cases of break up or many troubles like that
    as i love her have some fear of being saperated

    so to avoid that
    u will have to love him a lot
    if he still loves u

    according me as u have described
    he still loves u a lot
    he want u to totally trust him
    to support him he needs u

    Meet him somewhere
    u both can talk with peace
    say him about ur feelings
    he does not want u to go
    if u feel about him even today after ur break up

    go to him say that directly
    otherwise u will regret that in future
    say him u love him still today
    u trust him and
    u will never break his trust u will love him care for him and trust him too
    and never let him go

    but just say that he must trust u
    &though after that if he will ask to show ur trust
    then say all these things
    he is asking just because he loves cares
    don't get angry or irritate
    give him bath of ur love
    hug him tightly when he asks
    and say u will jump from the hill if he want to make sure u trust him
    and also say if he will ask u to jump then u will proove urself but he will loose u

    he want to be needed
    When u both r togather take some help from him for ur work though u can do urself &help him to do of his
    this can take u closer

    when he feel insecure see in his eyes & show ur trust in him without saying a word
    and listen what his eyes say

    u will never get saperated if this type of understanding will be there

    Thanks for reading
    u cn ask anything anytime follow me


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