Is he taking it out on me?

My bf broke up with me due to trust issues.. since we've been. broken up we've hung out before and we ended up kissing when I wld ask about the relationship he wld say he doesn't want to talk about it.. he tells me to give him his space.. my good friend told me my ex told her he wants to see I've changed but also has said he wants me to stop pressuring him... lately his job has been putting a lot of pressure on him.. I know because I work with him (in a diff room) but same dept.. and my Co workers have said he seems like he's bouncing off the walls...2 days ago at work he asked me to look at something as I did he came from behind and gave me a hug, I didn't say/do anything but smile I was shocked and started talking about other things.. today I asked him if he wld like to spend time with me since we are both off he said "I dnt want to promise you yes and than I can't but if I can id bebe happy too" I told him than dnt promise just try.. he said ok ill try.. GAGS shld I be happy he's trying? What's going on? What to do? Shld I stay away so he can miss me?


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  • He sending all good signs
    Listen to advice that others glean from him, observations of him, learn from these
    Yours is a waiting game as he works out huge problems that once resolved with pay huge dividends to those (you) that don't add pressure to these and wait for him to come around when at peace w/work.

    If you want time w/him, figure out his "off time" (if any) and tell him where/when you'll be IF he can show up.

    • Im just afraid if I give him space he's going to forget about me and think I dnt care to try.. my friend said he told her we wants to see I've changed but why does he tell me "I'll try" like why give me a hug on his own, than when I ask to see him he's like "I'll try" is he putting a front.. does he not care about me? What? :( how. can he see I've changed when he blocks it

    • Trying too hard will sink this ship
      you let it go, then keep it forever if it comes back to you
      otherwise, you'll always be chasing it

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  • Well we're definitely missing out on what you mean by trust issues and why.

    • He randomly looked through my phone and saw txts of guys complimenting me I didn't pay attn to it because I dnt care to be with them but in my ex eyes I went behind his back and cheated on him.. he said I was being disrespectful and wldve told them I had a bf... I regret it now and even deleted their #s but they wld still once in awhile randomly text "hey beautiful" n my bf wld randomly look again and assume the worse :( my heart hurts because he's told me "no ones ever hurt me like you have" "I told him that's because you love me that much" (while hugging) he didn't say anything.. shld I not be offended? Is there still a chance? Is it work? What please help

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    • This is his problem to work through, not yours. You didn't cheat but you're getting all the blame. Not fair. I'd say move on and date the other guys who are showing you interest.

      And when someone looks through your phone without your permission, GET MAD!

    • Its easier said than done... id marry him... our bond together has always been so strong that's why I feel he's so hurt by it.. I dnt want to date anybody else right now I love him

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