I talked with an ex of mine and we agreed to be friends?

This was a couple weeks ago, we decided to be friends again after the longest time. I tried facebooking him a couple days ago just going you know "hi what's up?" and he hasn't responded at all. Does he not want to be friends orrr what?


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  • I disagree with ECM - although, you both have to be adults about the situation. It has to be a mutual break-up, and enough time must have passed for you both to have had at least 2 or 3 relationships in-between trying to be friends. At least a year or two. IT CANNOT be a first love for either person


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  • there's not really enough to go on here, it would depend on why you two broke up, if he was online, if he's still single etc. There is a saying ex's can't be friends and if they were either they were never in love or they still are.

    • It was a while back, it just sort of got boring between us and he broke it off. I mean We were good friends beforehand, then we dated and things got messy.

    • i had something like that with a guy by being friends we just talk when he feels like it. He'll message you back when he's bored basically. Unfortunately things are probably awkward at the moment but whos to say you won't end up friends again but never date again cause it won't work out and you'll completely sabotage whats left of the friendship you two have.

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  • He was probably busy.

    Also, I'm of the opinion that you can't be friends with an ex.


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