More confused then ever, help me with my situation!?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now, and at first everything was perfect. We would just bicker every once in awhile but what couple doesn't? But my boyfriend got fed up with it and he wanted to take a break because we started fighting everyday over stupid stuff. We took a break for two days and neither of us contacted each other. On the second day of our break he came into my work, and I asked if he wanted to talk. He started to choke up and said "I thought you would have text me by now" I was confused because he said he wanted space, so why would I reach out to him? But the next day we talked and cried and I thought we were going to work on things. But since then he's been giving his number out to other girls, I caught him lying to me the other day because he told me he couldn't hangout with me because he was fighting with his mom, but my "women's intuition" told me to drive by his house around 1130 because he told me he was home and he wasn't. I drove by his friends house and saw his car parked in the driveway. So he made an excuse not to hangout with me just so he could be with his friends. I also found out he's been skyping another girl until 6 in the morning. I've asked him if he wants to work on things and he says "I don't know" or "I'm sorry" but then I ask if he wants me to move on an he tells me no? He said he doesn't know what will make him happy anymore. He's very depressed and confused about what he wants. Do I give up and just move on like everyone tells me I should? I know we aren't officially back together but he shouldn't be lying and sneaking around when I'm crying and miserable waiting for him to make up his mind on whether were going to work things out or not. When I confronted him about skyping other girls. He didn't get why I was mad! He said "why? We aren't together, it's not like I'm cheating on you" an he's right. We aren't together but you don't do that to someone and it still hurts.


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  • ahh he's beating you around the bush. Can't really be in your face and be like "sorry we over." Most likely because he's expecting you to freak out in front of him and make him feel guilty or something. Whatever it is, this "guy" does not care about your feelings. He doesn't care that you care, and doesn't have any remorse for seeing other people or what your loneliness might be doing to you. Hell of a guy to make you feel like complete shit right?
    And thats complete BS for him saying "i don't know what i want." We all know what we want. Yea im depressed to but i know what i want... just can't have it lmao. He knows what he's doing, he's just choosing not to think about it, as you should.
    Its a game he's playing. Might not be to hurt you, but it is right? moving on completely sucks. But the energy your wasting on him mr, depressed, and mr, im not sure, is it even worth it

    hey go see a movie in all honesty, go out with friends that actually care how you feel. Thats my advice


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  • You should move on. You shouldn't have to wait for him while he's suddenly confused about what he wants. If he's moving on and talking to other girls and such then you should too. Don't wait for someone who may never come back. I don't know if i made my point clearly but i hope i did.

  • Unfortunately, it sounds as if he no longer has interest in you. He wants to keep you just in case it doesn't work out with other people but he is seeking someone else and dragging you along for his ride. I'd advise you to move on from this man because his interest seems to be elsewhere and you don't deserve to be dragged around wasting time you could be looking for someone else as well. Hope I helped!


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