He broke up with me should I go after him?

Last year my ex-boyfriend broke up with me to get back together with his ex. I forgave him and once again we started to date. Things were great, but last night he saw a message from my ex-Boyfriend and broke up with me again. He had already asked me to block my ex, and I lied about it. I'm really sorry for lying, but i would never cheat on him, or anyone... Every time we fight I go after him, like a puppy, should I go after him one more time? On top of that, on the end of the week we will go to NYC, we are med students in Brazil, going to a internship, so there is no way we can cancel... what shoul I do? (sorry for any grammar error, English is not my native language).


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  • Talking to your ex is problem for most people. If you want him back, you will have to convince him that you will not talk to your ex any longer. The best way to do this is to message your ex in front of your bf telling him that you dont want to talk to him anymore as you care about your bf and your relationship.

    • Thanks, but he won´t give me a chance to even talk to him, so I can´t do that... Maybe he just wanted a reason to break up, and didn't have the courage to say so. He knows very well that I´m more than over with my ex, we broke up two years ago, and until I met him, my ex remained as my best friend...

    • Babe, you can't have an ex as your best friend if you want to enter into a meaningful relationship with anyone else. You should know that.

  • i say no.

    the way i see it is that this was all the work of karma. he dumped you to get back with his ex and now he gets mad because you were talking to your ex? what is this all about? what makes him so especial?

    • Thanks, you are right... His actions only proves how little he knows me, and how little he likes me. I´m done, it will hurt to get over, but I will endure it.

    • you welcome. and good choice

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