How long after no contact should I wait before reaching out to an ex?

Getting back together is a crap shoot at this point and not on the table right now. The break up wasn't bad and we were not the root cause of it. She was unhappy being away from home and life just had different plans for us both right now. Honestly I just care for this person. She jumped into a relationship super fast and I'm fairly certain it's still a type of rebound. That got a little hairy but I was forgiven for my actions (nothing super crazy, I was just upset) and quit all that and just became a ghost. The love and feelings weren't bs. So ladies... aside from being light hearted and cool and having myself in check... how long should I stay away?


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  • Lol I say call her. It's not like you have to get back together right away but hey she will start thinking about you. It's a rebound so it's not meant to last anyways. But call her only if you have good intentions. It's always nice to know that you are missed right? I think so anyways.

    • I don't wanna chase ya know. She knows how I feel.

  • Wait- so she is currently in what you classify as a rebound relationship? Im not clear on this, but it is important because it has a big effect on things.

    • They started dating almost immediately after we split. Long story short... there were lots of things said between us and clearly we still had feelings. She expressed regret for how she handled things and not coming to visit to maybe work out me moving there. We even reconciled briefly after he dumped her for not putting anything into it. A lot of the things she said seemed like she was really just confused. He's apparently clingy and he's there and I'm not. She would even text and call me here and there after they got back together and talked about how she cared but I just couldn't handle it anymore. I've vanished. Call me stubborn but I don't believe someone can say all that and just flip a switch. She even said "I'm a girl I don't have a clue what I want"

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    • Well it's pretty clear who she wants right now.

    • I figure let the honeymoon stage wear off. For her to tell me that spoke volumes. She's kinda clingy herself... not in a bad way I thought. I'm not trying to win her back. Yet atleast. Just communicate at somepoint.

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