How do guys deal with breakup?

guys, just wondering how do you deal with breakups?

whether you're the dumpee or dumper (if you stillh ad feelings for them)
if your ex tried to contact you, would you ignore her?


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  • Listen to way too much Cure/Joy Division/The Smiths/Depeche Mode, eat way, WAY too much ice cream, and live in pajama pants for a period no shorter than two weeks. It's foolproof!!!

    (But no, seriously... remembering the bad times and the reasons why the relationship ended always helps me the most. People can sometimes get nostalgic and focus too much on the good times, and that makes the breakup even harder to deal with. I think it's helpful to see yourself as being off now that that person is out of your life)

    • thing is, we had no bad times in the relationship

    • Well there's gotta be something negative that happened, or at least a valid reason as to why y'all can't be together, no?

    • well he says he can't juggle uni work friends and me at the same time...

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  • Wrap myself in music, pick up a pencil and draw. Or write, or go for walk. Just always need music and space from everybody

  • I write, pain is the best kind of fuel for a poet I also train till I can't move.

  • Depends...

    is your ex acting funny after a breakup?

    • nah nah he's not, just wondering ahhahaha he cried when he broke up with me. so just wondering what it kinda means and how the boys deal with breakups hah

    • hmmmm he might be out with friends or some deal...

      I've never really understood the crying while breaking up with someone deal.

  • Depends on the relationship. When it's a heavy. It hurts heavy. I'm in a situation right now. I moped and was a wreck for a few months. But... I picked myself up. Got in the best shape of my life and try to keep going. I love her and want her back. We had some bumps like anyone but we were great when we split. There were other reasons for the breakup. She jumped into another relationship within a couple weeks and kinda put me through it. As much as I miss her I don't know if I'd answer her call.

  • just feel sad and lonely all the time, cry etc, theirs really no way to "deal" with it, its just something a guy has to live with. and just keep hoping, for a new girlfriend

    • even if they were the dumper?

    • girls always were the one who dumped me except for only one time but i had a good reason

  • Drink lots of alcohol and cry loads.


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