It's been three years since the break up why did he say this?

We dated in high school in junior year. He was everything I hoped for and he likewise. It ended bad we got in an argument and he just fell out and over thought us. I eventually started to slowly move on after a year and a half but never dated since then. It never felt right because I'd think of him. He dated twice but never panned out. Got rejected several times I know that. I got a job at a restaurant and I so happened to be his waitress. His whole family was there everybody I met before and very familiar faces. They all looked at each other and grinned some looked rather confused. I said my usual "Hi I'm JC I'll be your waitress today would you like to try the special?" With a big smile of course. My ex eyed me up and down it was quite obvious. He kept glancing at me several times making awkward eye contact. Then when I said I had to take my break and someone else would be there waiter he quickly asked if I would like to join his family. I said I was fine and no thank you. Then he grabbed my hand and said please? And so I did sit down awkwardly and drank some coffee. Didn't really make conversation just kept smiling at me. I told him I had to go do some things after seven minutes of feeling pretty awkward and he just said "I'll be seeing you around. Fate has it's ways huh?" We hugged and I instantly melted back into him. What did he mean by that?
I always see him come by to the restaurant and just orders small things we barely make small talk and he keeps smiling at me and chuckling to himself. Whenever I ask what's so funny he just says "nothing just memories..."
He's the one that dumped me but yes I'd take him back no doubt.


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  • Don't pass this up, if you can't get him off your mind, he probably can't either. A girl ended it with me wanted me back later (long story) I missed my chance and now i think about her and what could have been all the time, even in my dreams, sadly... Dated a couple time after but no one yet has meant so much, i wish i could delete the memories. So go for it, if it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't.

    • Tell me the story if you don't mind (:

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    • Wow. Timing isn't on your side. Maybe in a couple years things will eventually pan out. But there has to be a reason why you kept walking.

    • Little tip, don't tell a guy how many guys you've been with, it plays with his imagination like you wouldn't believe... That's what I was thinking at the time and I was already mostly emotionally dead anyway from other shit in my life so yeah...

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  • Maybe he feels bad that he broke up with you? ^^"


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  • I would say he is interested in rekindling the romance.
    You are both free and you are willing to take him back.
    Why not try it? You ask him next time when he comes by.


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