Don't know what to do, I miss her?

When we met, I knew she was the one. Soul mate if I can call. We became friends , best friends and then after knowing each other 6 months we committed into a relationship. Since then everything was awesoe. I dare say better than in the movies. We were crazy for each other and there wasn't a single moment we felt we didn't love each other. We both moved into a flat and started living together. Each day was a new journey, a new wonnderful phase of our lives which we loved very much. It continued for 2 years but then like they say everything comes go an end. We parted ways. I moved to a different country. It been 3 months now. The 1st month we didn't talk at all and then we started talking gradually. Now she told me she has a bf but she doesn't know if it will last. Every day I wake up with ├Ęthe feeling of going back in time and changing the things that had happened. When I ask her about us she says I Dont Know. There isn't a moment when she said No. But just the mere fact that she is sleeping with someone else, laughing spending time with someone elsekills me. I want her back in my life bad. I miss her like crazy. I seriously dont know what to do guys. I know its my decision but if anyone can help with few suggestions I will appreciate.


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  • Ok this is a sure fact that she is trying to move on but she didn't succeed as of now. You can change a lot of things if you want. by the way if you loved her so much why din't you asked her to move with you?

    • Like I said I m in a different country now. I will go to the place where she lives in 1st week of july. I already did ask her but she said" she doesn't want to , Right now" she kept sayingshe doesn't know what will happen in the future but right now she doesn't know..

    • Tells her what you feel about her and you will like to spend your life with her (i assume you want to), talk to her don't pressurise just talk. And then just let her take the decision. If she is still confused then just let her be.
      All d best:)

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  • I can understand u completely dude
    u r in such a painful situation

    now only hope is that they again saperated and u will have chance to take care of her
    and thus she will come back
    but it may take too long time
    Or they may not saperated ever
    u have lost ur time
    sorry to say
    u did not mean the value of her as much as u did when u becane alone
    she still loves u little from heart
    but now she is with someone else
    so she has started procedure to forget her
    But as u have described ur love was so deep it is very hard for her to forget

    She may get sucess or may not
    i will suggest u not to try make any distances between them don't be so selfish as u have lost time
    i know my words are hurting

    but if u love her trully then let it be happen in its way
    and remember one thing i have experienced one thing in my life
    that everything happen for a good reason
    when elder had told me then i did not trust think that they r bluffing
    but i realized later

    so u may get better
    But i know this stuborn heart it will not ready to give space in it to someone else easily

    so just get the news of then
    and if u get yhe chance just go to her and say everything

    only do all these if u can not forget her after had trying too hard
    if u can then forget her and start finding someone else

    • I agree with u but I dont know if I m being selfish for myself or m I doing it for her as she will never be as happy as she was with me. I just want her smile and laugh. I want her to be happy.

    • I got it
      but let it happen in nature's way
      if they will be saperated then u will have to take the chance to return to her life
      but as i said it may take too long time or they may not

      so as u had made mistake u have to pay for that
      It is hard but u will have to bear this
      u can meet her and ask directly weather she is happy or not
      and have she forgot totally

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  • Everything happens for a reason let this one play out its clear she has moved on and so should you

    • But I can't digest the fact.. she says she doesn't know.. n sh made it clear that sometimes she talks to me over the phone much more than that guy.. so its kinda confusing yet sparkles hope in me..

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    • Iguess you are right, she told me many a times that she takes me as a friend and will lawyas find me as a friend as we understand each other better than anyone elee. But oncthe other hand she says I should fight for what I want. So she is giving me mixed signals as she knows I want her. I know she can never be as happy with him as she was with me and she agreed.. well I told her uwant won't be as happy with him at ur best that u were with me when we were at our worst, she said yes maybe. I see she wants me but she's scared. so u know I m kind of in a mixed complicated situation

    • Take a break from her dude maybe one day she'll realize all she needs is you but until that happens distance your self see if she is willing to reach out to you in taking a break at the moment from the love of my life its been a mere 2 days and I'm dying lmao

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  • Dude I know exactly how you feel because I'm in a similar situation myself.
    We were in love but she has some kind of fears that prevent her from being with me so she blew me off and went back with her ex boyfriend whom she doesn't love and they're not attracted to each other but he's safe. Now I just keep thinking what I can do to get her back but there's nothing I can do. It's on her she has to want to come back and if she ever wants to I hope she'll have the guts to show me again.
    It sucks so much you just don't know what to do and just thinking of the fact that she's being happy with someone else is killing you it's like there's a pain in your chest and you feel like you're running out of air. But in my case I know she's not happy she'll never be because we literally were sole mates and we never felt this way about anybody else before. You can't just forget that. There's no way because I know. I can't put her out of my mind and believe me there's lots of women that would be really glad to go out with me but my eyes see only here.

    I wish you that she figures out she can't do without you and you guys can get back together.
    In my case it seems nearly impossible.

    Best of luck to you.


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