Broke up with her a month ago because she kept making me feel bad through the things she said. Now she hates me and has loads of people believe her?

So was dating this girl for 7 months and through that time I genuinely wasn't very happy with the relationship I thought I loved her but as it went on I realised that she was making me feel bad through comparing me to her ex's and talking about all the other guys she had seen. I told her I don't really like it as I'm very jealous and it makes me upset to think of you with someone else but she didn't understand why it would but she did cut down on it a lot.

Every time something like this happened she would argue back at me and make me feel guilty for making her feel bad. I had enough and left her after getting out of a depressive slump and realising she wasn't helping me but hurting me. I miss her a lot and wish we could have made it work but she wasn't right for me and I knew it.

She eventually apologised for all the pain she made me feel (I had panic attacks after some of the things she said) and I thought oh great! This is the first step to up being back together. I then said I wanted some time apart from her (from talking to her) to get my head straight and try and figure out what I really wanted.

A couple weeks into the time apart and I see she is making posts about me with her friends saying "*username* is such a twat for dumping you", "he's a complete asshole" and she even called me an asshole.

I don't understand what I've done wrong. I broke up with her because she hurt me but yet I'm the bad guy :/ I don't want people to think bad of me and I thought she realised that she hurt me but she obviously doesn't :/

What do I do? I know I shouldn't look at the posts but should I speak to her and say it's unfair or i don't know I'm just really upset about it and wanted to vent tbh :( sorry


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  • To be honest her friends probably got a different story and she doesn't sound like she's a great person herself. Most girls aren't too happy after getting dumped and that's probably why she's saying those things. You seem like a nice guy, and if I were you I would try to stay away from her. It's hard, trust me I know. Just give her the time apart from you that she needs and you take your time, and if you both still feel the same after a while then you can try to work things out again.

    • Thank you, she told me today that she slept with one of my friends yesterday so im defo gone and left her. :/ I feel really down about it but its probably the best thing that could have happened for me in the long run. Thank you so much x

    • No problem dear! I'm sorry to hear that. You'll find someone much better and much more worth your time! Head up. :)

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  • Who cares what other people or her friends think. This all really sounds like some high school drama. They actually sound like the "twats" for posting childish comments like that. Anybody that is worth a shit is going to see right through their uniformed comments and name calling. Just be glad that you aren't with her anymore especially since she made you unhappy. If the things that others say bother you so much then remove yourself from the social media scene. If they are trying to get to you... wouldn't you say its working?

    • you're completely right.

      "those that mind, don't matter and those that matter, don't mind" - Dr Seuss

      Thank you I think I just got a bit caught up in it tbh. I don't deserve to be bitched about but you know I guess that's life I just have to get over it now. Thank you again.

  • Act like you don't care. She wants a reaction from you. Those people, along with her, don't matter in your life. Focus in the people that love you and are there for you no matter what. If people ask you about your relationship with her, you tell them the real story.
    I say block her and avoid her. This is unhealthy. You left her to feel better, but she is still making you feel bad. Let her go completely and move on with your life. Don't waste your time trying for everyone to believe in you or you reading all those horrible fake things about you. There is a better girl out there for you.
    You gave it what you could in this relationship. The problem wasn't you, but her. Don't worry about her anymore. You don't have to put up with her. Block her from everything.

    • Thank you so much, she messaged me today to tell me she slept with one of my friends so yeah she's completely gone from my life now. Thank you for your kind words and I am going to do everything you said :)

      Have a great day and smile for me please :)

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