Girl I was pursuing suddenly has a new bf and not sure I can deal with it?

so I meet her about 2 years ago and have been interested in her since then. our relationship /friendship has had its up's and down's over that time. but this summer things seemed to be going better for the first couple times I had seen her since she came back home from school and I had though there might be a realistic chance she's date me this summer. but things took a bad turn when she found out about this other girl I liked that had meet during winter when she was away and she got annoyed I still wanted to talk to her at bar when she was around.
a week after that happened she suddenly shows up at same bar with this guy she was supposedly dating , she mentioned at time he worked out of state so I didn't think it was anything that serious but they've been dating for a couple weeks now and he's still around and it appears to be more serious than first though and such. so I'm having a hard time dealing with it as I still have a lot of feelings with her and its really awkward to be around her and him as I was very close to her but now there's sudden this guy in the picture


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  • From reading your post, I don't think it's that serious. I kind of think that it's a revenge tactic. It's natural to get jealous or envy to see someone you were pursuing and still kind of like with someone else. After a while, it will wear off. Just give it some time. Would you feel uncomfortable if you politely asked her if that's her boyfriend? If not, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    • I kind of though that too but it seems more serious unless he plans to move away for work again then I'd agree they weren't really going anywhere , only time will tell

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  • You took too long. You hsve no been permanently placed in the Friend Zone. Good luck and best wishes.

    • but I don't even feel that were friends at the moment , last 2 times I saw her were really weird and awkward encounters , I'm getting worried about where this is headed , but it was weird her gf's and sister still talked to me on Friday night but she ignored me entirely

    • Her bf probably knows of what your intentions and told her to not talk to you.

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