I've been having trouble sleeping for a year now someone help?

I have reoccurring dreams of my ex and it hurts. I try to stay up because I don't want to see him or feel anything about him. I want to move on speaking that I will never see him again and he'll never come back. Some nights I can't even sleep or some nights I fall asleep have a dream about him then wake up with an anxiety attack or I just cry and down some alcohol.
I can't really talk to him after he left me he shut me out of his life. No communication at all. I was stranded at work once my ride had left and I was just there alone pretty terrified. He was the only that I could reach and he said he couldn't pick me up. So he wants out of my life completely I know that.


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  • Your dreaming qbout him, because your constanly thinking about him, funny how when its over we only remeber the good and not the bad.

    • I'm scarred by our fights... How I stepped over the line sometimes due to him being very sensitive...
      I'm scarred everywhere I go it reminds me of him... Good and Bad.

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    • I do go out besides work but whenever I meet a guy who is amazing it just doesn't feel right. I feel like I'm in this black hole I can't get out of

    • Whatever hqppen it wasn't all your fault, it takes two , it seems like your beating yourself up , you will be fine it just takes time and a good attitude.

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  • Get yourself a small fan for your bedroom and turn it on at night. I find the just the sound of a fan is very soothing and helps me sleep better. Maybe your brain will focus on the sound and prevent the dream from occurring.

  • wow dude - it's been a year. time to get on with your life - finding someone else might help. You may want to consider speaking to a psychologist or doctor or something. Its not healthy to obsess over someone that long.

  • Try reading before you go to sleep. It will help you go to sleep sooner with your mind occupied on it. And you will dream of something else other than him.

  • I just bought lavender oil if you put a few drops on my pillow and it really helps:)

    • Will I dream? Because I don't want to):

    • It puts you in a more relaxed mind state , couldn't hurt to try

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