I don't want to come back and have him end things?

So here is the deal!! Met this great guy about 2 months ago, we got along great. We went out on dates about two times a week, we would talk everyday, we had open communication where if we had a problem we could talk it out like adults. He was very honest from the beginning saying he was looking for a casual relationship. I agreed because I wasn't looking for anything too serious either, he was seeing other girls for the first couple weeks and I understood that, about a month in he told me he stopped seeing other girls. I thought oh awesome maybe things are moving along with us, but then a week or two later he said he is still talking to girls and I kinda got upset over that, because I am starting to have strong feelings over him. I don't know how things are with us right now, I haven't had a chance to see him for a week (we've both been really busy, but we have talked all week). I am leaving on vacation tomorrow for a week and I wanted to tell him where I stood before I leave so while I am gone he can think about it, so I told him I want to be with him but I am not okay with other girls in his life. And he responded with "We will talk about this when you get home". He has always said he is a face to face breaker upper, so now I am thinking he said that because when I get home he is going to end things. I don't want them to end, but if he does I would have rather him ended things via text prior to me leaving so I can take this vacation as a way to get over him... thoughts?


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  • Yeah I get where you're coming from.. sometimes you just want to hear the truth immediately so you don't have to sit around and think about it for ages wondering what is going to happen. You should tell him that you want to discuss this right now and that you can't wait for this. Phone him even. There's nothing wrong with wanting to know the truth and he owes it to you. Making you wait is unfair. You told him how you felt and now he can do the same in a way that is convenient for YOU. Well done for standing up for yourself and telling him what you want. 2 Months is a good amount of time and if he has fallen for you, then you asking him to be more exclusive with you shouldn't be a problem. Falling for someone isn't a decision.. it's something that just happens and by now he should know I think. What just bothers me is that he made it clear he wants no commitments right now... but at the end if he truly is in love with you nothing will stop him from being with you. Just give him a call or something and ask for the truth.


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