How to tell if my ex & her siblings are keeping tabs on me via Facebook?

My ex and I are not friend's on Facebook [even though we follow one another on Tumblr & Instagram]. She dumped me a little over a month ago. I've started to notice recently that her sister & her husband repeatedly jump into my top friends list and FB Chat. I've never spoken to either one on FB Chat.

Could they be keeping tabs on me or is this just my brain over thinking?


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  • That is a hard question I am in the same spot except my ex is tryin to add my friends that he don't kno but I would say that it is possible

    • I kind of get the vibe that they might be keeping tabs on me. At one time, my ex blocked me on Facebook and other social media platforms. But, now I'm unblocked.

      I'm still into her. But, I'm not sure about all the cat & mouse games.

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    • Hahaha glad im not too crazy.

    • No u r not crazy lol

What Guys Said 1

  • I think it's probably healthier for you to just try to forget about those people if you're trying to move on. Whether they're keeping tabs on you are not, don't let it concern you. If you really need to I'd just delete them off facebook.


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