My boyfriend is away for the week with family and while he's gone he told me that he needs that week to think about us. This was completely random?

My boyfriend is leaving on a Mormon mission soon and we agreed to try to make it work. Last night he told me he needs a week to figure out things. I asked if he wanted to break up and tried to give him an out but he said no. He is afraid while he's gone it won't work out or i will meet another guy. I understand his fear but why wouldn't he just stay with me until he leaves and we will figure the rest out later. i told him the i wanted to try to figure things out but he didn't really say anything. this morning i sent him a text saying "i just wanted to let you know that i love you and i will respect your space until your ready to talk. he ignored me. he gets back in five days and i just wish i knew what to expect. he told me last night he didn't want to break up. but now he is thinking about stuff and i am sure breaking up is one of them. why is he doing this? he knew he was leaving and told me before he wanted us to stay together. but now out of the blue he is freaking out. i need advice on what i should expect to hear from him and if it sounds like he wants to end it. I told him on the phone that if he wanted to end it he needed to end it and not be afraid of hurting me, he promised he didnt. Have you ever been in the same situation where you needed time to think about your relationship? why did you need that space? how did it turnout?


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  • there was one point where my boyfriend and i couldn't text or see each other for a day (we're constantly texting each other since we don't see each other a lot), so that was probably the most "space" we've given each other. i did take time to think about our relationship and i did think about what would happen to us if we broke up with each other. i guess it helped me clear my head and realize what great of a guy i actually had in my boyfriend. kind of a "don't know what you have till you don't" sort of thing i guess.

    my advice to you is don't freak out or stress until you have an answer. sure, there is a possibility that he could break up with you or there could be a possibility that he'll love you even more for it. so make the best of these next few days and ponder your relationship also :).


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