I'm still in love with my ex and can't stop thinking about him but he talks to other girls and acts like he doesn't give a shit about me?

I still care for him and he is all I think about we been broke up maybe a month but we have still hung out and stuff. He talks to other girls but then comes back to me. But lately he has ignored me and won't talk to me? HELP


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  • I think its best if you ignore him for a while and come back once your feelings won't come back the moment you see him.

    From the looks of it he isn't interested in you that way anymore.

    • Just a week ago we was all lovely and cuddlino and he said he loved me? That changed in a week?

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    • I broke up with him because he was unfaithful and lied to me all the time I was unhappy and all but I miss him

    • You know deep down what is best.
      If you know its best to quit you should probably stop seeing him until you moved on.
      If not there might be hope. He may have started to move away from you but i also think you shouldn't be out of his heart after 1 week. Try talking it out with him and continue the relationship if you trust he won't hurt you again.

  • I'm sorry but this is an indicator that you should move on. As a guy, if he stopped talking to you or caring about you after you two broke up, it is a clear indicator it was never meant to be. Move on.


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