Why is my ex boyfriend still following my family and friends on instagram?

Why is my ex boyfriend following my family and friends on his instagram. Even people i've never mentioned to him that i was friends with in junior highschool. (we went to different schools).

I also find it odd he has a new girlfriend, and does not follow any of her friends and family on instagram. I know this because i used to be friends with his current girlfriend in highschool.

I just find it weird after having a huge blowout breakup over him cheating and lying he would still want to see my face/my whole family + my random friends and good friends every time he goes on instagram.

He also is always posting so he obviously looks at his home page. its very strange.


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  • May be, he still wants to be with you from any core of his heart, you should talk with him over this topic. I suggest you to buy some followers from https://instavertize.com/ and then upload your picture and when he will see so many followers and likes on your picture, he will regret.


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  • Well, maybe he wants to know how the situation develops, like are you happier or sadder after you broke up, or it could be he just likes some of your family/friends or maybe the stuff they post. Also, it could be that he is too lazy to unfollow. At any case don't worry too much about it

  • Keeping up with you in sure. My ex is with someone else. Still followed me on Instagram til I blocked her. Still friends with all my friends with all my friends on fb too. Makes me wonder why she gives a shit


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