Could he be over me? If so should I tell him I want to talk?

my bf&i have been together for several months. in the beginning everything was great, including our sex life. we would do a lot of pretty crazy things and we both seemed into it a lot. then he started backing off- we went from 3-4 times a week to 1-2 now, we only hang out if it's a special event like someone's birthday and whatnot.

i'm not sure what i should do... i've talked to him about all of these things at least once before but it doesn't get any better. or we'll have sex 2-3 times that week but the spontaneity is completely gone.

i'm miserable and just not sure if i should bother talking to him about it again, suffer in silence or break it off?


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  • Well if all your after is the sex I would stay intill you find someone who you really care about. But if you like the guy and care about him don't say anything about the sex. Just ask whats wrong cause he might be going through something serious in his life and maybe you could help him through it.

    • of course i really like the sex but i also really like him which is why i'm so stressed with the whole situation. I've been there to support him need be since this started almost 2 months ago and there's no change. i could get over the minimal, planned sex but i'm just worried that this change has something to do with me or how he feels about me, but then i don't want to talk to him about it again as I've already tried to no avail.

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    • If he hasn't come out anything to you I wouldn't worry sorry about that

    • Thanks for the most helpful

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  • You shouldn't just wait for him to take action! You should seduce him again, it's quite normal after the three months honeymoon things starts to get cold, so don't let it go any further. Cook him something in a brandy knew sexy lingerie and I mean, only using that... But make sure he waits until after dinner to touch you, play hard in lingerie!

    • we were really close as friends before and have been together for half a year... still the end of honeymoon thing? do normal relationships between couples that are 21 & 22 years old have scheduled sex just once a week?

    • Even if most people don't say, it's not uncommon... It doesn't mean you lose interest, or that you guys don't love each other anymore, it's just the routine that every couple get in, no matter what age... It's your job as a sensitive woman to change the relationship, take the lead!

    • haha ok, i hope so! Of course I miss the sex but I really like him outside of that as well so I just hope that if we talk about it he can kind of let me know if he is also still interested.

      thank-you for the help. :)

  • you need to be honest with him and tell him what you are feeling

    • What should I say though? like would he think I'm just being clingy or a bitch if I said I miss us having surprise sex, or sex at all not planned 2 weeks in advance?

    • just tell him you miss the spontaneousness of you relationship.

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