My ex doesn't want to talk on the phone. Instead would rather have a face2face conversation?

My ex and I broke up in late May. Since then, we have had a few conversations here and there. Mostly about how each person is trying to improve themselves. Recently, the conversations have turned slightly flirty via text.

Last week, we talked after the US match and she dropped the subtle hint of saying "You can take me out when I get back. If you want to". Tonight, I decided to ask her if a phone conversation in the near future would be too much. She replied with "To be honest, I think so. I'd rather talk in person"

Is this a good or bad thing?


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  • ITSA GOOD THING... WELL MAYBE... since you guys "flirted" and all yea its a good thing


What Guys Said 1

  • Depends on what you want. If you'd like to get back together it sounds like a good thing.

    • I do want to get back together.

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    • There ya go. Keep it up. Of course it's okay to feel that way just keep to yourself

    • Yeah, I did make the mistake of opening up a bit the other day. But, I don't think it damaged the situation

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