Why is he acting like this? Someone help!!?

My ex and I have been broken up for about 2 weeks (he saw guys on my phone and assumed the worse) since we've broken up we've hung out.. I've asked and he's accepted of course not all the time but at times.. Everytime I wld talk about us he wld say he doesn't want to talk about it.. he's told my bff he's done and even met a girl. when we've hung out he ends up hugging me and kissing me yest we went to the movies he held me the entire movie and my hand. However today he hasn't texted me all day except for early morning to tell me he missed me. All I can think is what if he's with that other girl.. that makes me angry hurt confused. Do you think he still has feelings? Playing me? Shld I completely not talk to him? What :( im heartbroken please help


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  • I would put it bluntly to him.

    It is possible that he is as confused as you, so it is best you don't ignore him - that will show him his worst fears of you having other men are real.

    Instead, I would tell him the truth - you do have other guys numbers on your phone, but he is your one and only. And you want to get back together, then that's great for the both of you; if not, he can go his way, but there will be no hugging or kissing and no contact.

    If he will be so stubborn as to not believe you that he is your one and only, then he has trust issues and realky shouldn't be making such a big deal of it. You told him the truth - believe it or leave.

    If he chooses to leave, you know what time of man he is in the future - that means no guy friends for you because "he will assume the worst".

    Be careful of such possessive men. You will have to tell him that either you have guy friends that are no more than friends, or you do not enter the relationship with him, because frankly, one dude isn't worth the thousands of connections you can gather from having guy friends.

    Let me know what you think.

    • Thats y I wld get mad because I felt controlled when he wld tell me to delete them off my phone.. but I still did... my bff tells me since he still talks to that other girl I shld just leave him alone because that's y he does whatever he wants because he knows he can have me too.. however recently he's been more affectionate towards me so I shld c it as small steps but at the same time I feel used.. like he doesn't know what he wants.. my bff wld say he wld talk about her than start talking about me as if he s comparing both of us.. that's y I don't know whether to leave him alone or continue spending time with him.. my friend says u shld make him miss u

    • I would say talk to him first and if he is still stubborn listen to your friend and make him miss you. Dont play with him if he is that stubborn, his damn fault

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  • He may have another gal in the wings
    but it's not gelling, either b/c of her not willing
    of he finds her lacking when compared to you
    So if he's shopping other gals, something must be missing from your package that would make you #1 forever.
    If no clues, then your bff needs to research this

    • Are you saying the reason why he comes. back. to me is because when he compares her to me he doesn't see it but I too am still missing something to. be his #1? shld I just stop talking to him for a week and see where this. goes? its just so hard. because I miss him like. crazy and what if. l he stays with that girl. because she pays attn to him more.. at least when we hangout im still on his mind

    • Read my lips... you are not in control of HIM, no matter what, esp. tactics like "stop..."
      Your bff will find out what's missing in you - THAT's something you can control
      THEN he'll no roam anymore in search of the "perfect gal" that doesn't exist

  • I feel like he still has feelings for you but you both need to explore date other people so you can see if you do truly still have feelings still for each other

    • I dnt want to be with anybody else... he's been dating some other girl but that's the thing if he's dating that girl and moved on when I ask to hang out he can just hang out with me but when go out the last x.. he was the one holding my hand, he even said "I haven't seen my love in a long time" that same day he also said "y Cldnt u be like this when we were together" I told him "things change stick around and you'll find out" he was MIA all day yesterday and I texted him I was worried.. nothing just right now he texted me "I'm ok I'm even at work already"

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