Why does he do this?

Since my ex and I have been broken up I found out he was talking to some girl.. since our breakup we've hung out before and end up kissing.. he says that girl deserves a chance because I already had mine and its too late.. but why when we hang out he shows his feelings as much as he tries not to at times and than when im not with him.. I end up having to text him more than he texted me.. what's going on?


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  • He's trying to move on. He may still have some lingering feelings, that's not all that uncommon. The other woman makes it easier to forget you

    • Why though continue to kiss me etc yest we had a great time together before I left he said "I had an amazing time" early morning I got a message from him that said that he missed me... what's going on

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    • Ur a rebound hun dont fall into it cuz the u ganna be the one he comes to when this girl messes up and then ur ganna end up being his airbag for all the times he crashes but never being able to be truly loved

    • I know he's hurt he's told me before "no ones ever hurt me like you have" I told him "that's because you love me so much".. I clever appreciated him more and paid more attn tohim.. it kills me now because he says its too late.. but he still ends up being with me somehow.. to me the new girl is a rebound.. if u think about it.. how much ex bfs have an ex gf they still talk to, hang out with, and kiss.. that's what makes me want to fight for him and show him I love him the other part of me feels I shld leave him alone for a week.. but im scared ima lose him for good..

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