My ex bf kisses me but doesn't text me.. why?

My ex and I have been broken up for a couple of weeks he broke up with me because he felt he can't trust me since guys have complimented me before.. and he has assumed the worse.. we've hung out before and he's kissed me.. he's told me he met somebody and how I already had my chance but when he's with me its like he cntjust not hold me, hug me, kiss me.. yest he told me "why Cldnt you be like this when we were together" early morning he msgd me he missed me.. but today I haven't heard from him.. what cld be going on? Shld I just leave him alone completely? Despite his new girl.. why am I still being kissed?


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  • Unfortunately, I think he is just using you to satisfy his sexual desire.

    It looks like he has no emotional interest in you, and just wants to use you to release his stress through kissing, hugging, etc...

    Looks like a guy you don't want to be with! I would ignore or keep messages short but not see him if I were you.

    Hope that helped, best of luck!

    • Well my bff just texted me she called him earlyaabt work related issues and he hasn't called her back either and she hoped he was ok.. he wld never ignore calls with work.. I have yet to give him sex because he knows im waiting until marriage.. I know I've taken him for granted nd want to show him.. he's told my friend he wants to see I've changed.. but he also has a new girl he's talking to but like I said as much as he tries to fight it he still ends up kissing me.. in my heart I can feel he's really hurt.. I really hurt him

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    • No I know I did hurt him I shldve showed him more affection.. I had my own insecurities and he was the type to want me to come and give him a hug wherever I was, hold him spend time with him any chance we had.. but I work with him so I felt like I was being smothered so I wld distant myself.. now I miss him like crazy.. he says he's moved on, he's told my bff he wants to see I've changed, he talks to a new girl.. so idk.. my friend says I shld make him miss me leave him alone for awhile and see what he's going to do about it.. but its so hard I cnt do that I have to text him something, I'll ask to spend time with him, he does and we end up being more than friends (dnt mean sex)

    • Ya, I would suggest leaving him for a while to see how serious he is, force yourself, knowing that it is for the better - if he doesn't message you, then you know how much he cares about you.
      If he does message - you know he cares as well.

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  • He's playing games with you, stringing you along. If he broke up with you because of an excuse which I think is totally made up, you should move on and date other guys, ignore him and definitely don't let him kiss you. He doesn't deserve that privilege anymore.

    • Well he randomly looked through my phone and wld see guys text me compliments.. he has trust issues and told me I've hurt him too much because my random guy friends wld message me things and he wld see it as you still haven't learned.. I know he's really hurt, I feel that girl is a rebound.. but why when im with him you wld think we are together and everything is ok.. we laugh, hold hands kiss.. in the back of my mind all I can think is he still ha some girl at the same time.. why does he keep coming back?

    • He keeps coming back because kissing girls is fun! I feel like I answered a question earlier that's kinda similar but different, where the guy broke up with a girl after going through her phone... maybe it was you lol

    • Oh really no I shld look it up and follow the advice

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