How do I deal with a breakup before it happens?

so i'm young I've never dated yet and I wanted to know how to deal with a breakup the right way before it happens, because we all know young love doesn't last too long.
yeah, I have had a lot of older people tell me that we don't know anything about love so I don't think my young love would last.


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  • You have to trust that you can deal with it, and trust that your relationship will be the exception to the rule. You are assuming that just because you are young, relationships won't last and seperation is inevitable. Relationships can last a lifetime, just look at most of our grandparents.

    So don't assume that it's not possible, because it is.

    On that same token, relationships can fail. Of course they can fail. That has nothing to do with age and maturity, as mature adults separate and get divorces just the same as young ones do.

    These conclusions are completely independent of the next guy you meet. He is an unknown variable and you have to give him and yourself a fair shake no matter what. Unless you deliberately pursue relationships based on shallow premises, there's no reason to be so pessimistic. It does neither of you any favors.

    So don't worry about handling heartbreak because the fact is, you can. It's going to hurt, and the pain is a sign that your heart was in the right place and you have it your best shot.

    • @Update

      It appears that you have a very weak sense of self, and on that notion you aren't even ready to have a relationship. Young or old, this mentality will bring you down every time.

      If you have more questions, ask me.

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    • yeah im really insecure about myself, im just scared to open up my heart but i dont mind doing it when i come across the right guy, I don't know about being week, i just have a head over my shoulders.

    • Your concern is the same concern of people who wonder how they will spend a million dollars before they even have a million dollars. Get there first and take it from there. Otherwise, it's useless speculation.

      The best way to ease the confusion tied with speculation is to see for yourself.

  • Slowly distance ur self from the person spending less time with them. amd start finding other activities to do while u would normally be with them


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