Is this feeling normal after a break up?

my ex and i broke up 3 weeks ago.
the first 2 weeks were fine, but now i miss him heaps.

but the thing is, i miss him, but then i dont at the same time?
sometimes i get this urge to talk to him, but then a few minutes later im like 'lol nah'

is this normal?


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  • 1. Did you initiate the break up in a way? (which will explain how things were fine for a cpl of weeks)
    2. Wanting to talk / be in touch with an ex post break up is normal. You guys have shared some feelings for a while & also gotten together for a reason so feelings are bound to exist :)

    Inference - NORMAL! :)

    • nope, he broke it off with me. he says he wants to catch up after exams which is like around this time or so. but i dunno. i kinda just want to see how he's going etc, not to get back with him

    • Just a part of the 'heart wanting to get back but consoling self that I want to see how he's faring' while the mind says the 'I don't want to get back' thing - not judging but just brain storming a possibility :)

      Why would anyone want to see how someone's going if there are no feelings :)

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  • Its normal it'll take time to heal though it took me about 5 months to get my ex out of my head


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  • Probably normal. When you break up with someone you always deal with a range of emotions depending on how your day is going or what is happening in your life. I think what you are going through is pretty common.

  • Longing for someone you once loved is normal and Your once-clear perspective becomes more cloudy after the break up is normal.
    Time heal the broken heart, lol, very generic advice but always effective.

  • Quite normal. It's just you didn't get used to be one person in your life.


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