My girlfriend dumped me and I want her back?

My ex-girlfriend and I have been in a 7 months long-distance relationship. Things started going bad a month ago. I gave my world to this girl. We lived 12 hours apart but we are both from the same home town and when time came to be in the same city, she would NEVER initiate to spend time with me. At first I thought maybe it was just how she was but after a while it started to irritate me and that's where she broke up with me saying "there's always something new, always." Since it wasn't the first time I was letting her know how I felt and nothing changed from her part. It made me feel like a bad boyfriend for being irritated when came time to talk about our situation, but that's how I felt.

It's been a full week now since she broke up, I texted her the next day, I wanted to work things out but she would reply cold and harsh saying "I think it's better off this way". I told her I respected her decision and went NC since then. It's killing me right now because I really liked this girl and wanted to work things out. Is there anything I could do to get her back? Or should I let her go and move on?

Thanks in advance for the replies.


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  • I'm sorry for your loss and heartbreak. Unfortunately when you get dumped regardless of what, this person decided to walk away from you. For them it was a decision to leave you. This itself should be enough to show you that you can't get her back and that it's time to move on. One line from a book I remember reading said "The person you loved took a good look at you and evaluated the relationship and said "No thanks, I'll try my luck elsewhere""... think about that for a second. I'm going through a similar situation but this quote changed my life cause I realized too that when someone breaks up with you or rejects you they don't want you! They know the kind of person you are and the love you were willing to give but they still decided that it's not for them and walked away. What is there to fix? You can't fix someone not being interested in you. Love doesn't work that way. I think you and I both know that the only "fix" is to move on.

    • I'm going through the same thing but that helps me, thanks for the advice

    • Glad I could help :) Lots of hugs and I hope it gets better for you real soon too.

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  • You'll Find A Better Girl She's Probably Just Immature Not Surprised

  • Your better if with someone you can have a physical relationship with, not a long distant one


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