Please help me get my ex boyfriend back?

My boyfriend and I still have feelings for each other and are hanging out as friends. I want to be together so bad. I would do anything. Can someone please help me get him back? I'm trying to play it cool and be his friend. I wrote him a letter that I want to give him when the time is right, telling him how I feel. Please help. I'm going crazy.


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  • I don't think there's a magic recipe for this. You might just have to take a leap of faith and give him that letter.

  • Going through the same thing with my ex right now. We went out yesterday. And I definitely want her back and I'm also trying to play it cool. But I say keep playing it cool and taking things slow. Be receptive to his invitations and allow for both of you to have some slight reservations about this. Don't push but don't be afraid to get in there. If it's anything like my situation nobodies going to run away anytime soon.


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