I don't know if my ex still likes me or If I still like my ex ! Helpp pleasseeee ! very desperate !?

My ex boy friend and I broke up because he admitted to cheating on me about 6 to 8 months ago. I go to these meetings with my dad every night and he's their with his mom, My friends come too and the meetings recently started and I started to have feelings for him even after I claimed I hated him and cut him out of my life. He looks at me sometimes and every time he passes by I try to get away quick. I really don't want to fall in love with him again because i'm scared of what might happen. I also wonder if he wants me back. I hope some one can help me with my problem i'm in desperate need ! thanks and have a great day~
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  • Don't waste your time on selfish guys who cheat on you. You're guaranteed to just keep getting hurt. Raise the bar; a real man will be able to step it up. Just don't take that real man for granted when he comes along.

    • Thanks very much for the advice

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    • I think that's a good plan. There's no point in putting yourself through more pain. I hope it goes well.

    • Thanks guys, I told him yesterday that I think its best if we just stay associates because I really don't want to be his friend , I will never forgive him but I need to tell him the truth about my best friend. She has two other guys that she's with, she lied to him and said her and her boyfriend broke up when really they didn't , they stop dating like an hour later and now they are in love but she has two other guys who 1 is her boy friend and 2 is her soon to be boyfriend. How do I tell my ex that she he is a side guy not her main one?

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