Only been broken up a week and he has already moved on?

I've known my ex for 2 years. we had a rocky relationship we broke and he got back with his ex. Im was broken, after a month or 2 he contacted me, i slept around during the 8 months we were together bc i didn't think we had a chance. When we got back together 5 months ago i was loyal but he couldnt trust me after he found out. I didn't do anything to hurt him during these 5 months months but he can't trust me we broke up a week ago and he is already talking to a girl he met during a 2 week bartending course and he is 2 hours away from me. we lived together for 5 months and he is saying the same thing he told me a year ago. i was living with him and we were ok whlie he was at bartending school. he says that he has moved on and is happy now. and that HE HAS to move on. i dont understand what im supposed to do I've let him know that i will remain faithful and loyal. and i haven't been talking to any guys. I want him back but he keeps saying he can't and he wont. and that he has moved on i find it very hard to believe i need advice. How can he miss me when im 2 hours away and she lives in the same town as him?
  • Keep reminding him everyday im here waiting and love him?
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  • Try the NO CONTACT RULE for a few weeks or a month?
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  • You must allow yourself to grieve for some days, but you cannot grieve forever. So take charge of yourself and get back into your routine. Do things you enjoy that you may not have had time for. Make new friends and go out with others. See the movies you've been missing, read a book, or get back into your diet and exercise routine. Get plenty of sleep. Do some little accomplishment to feel good about yourself. Learn to meditate. Keep your living space tidy.

    This guy is not going to be your last boyfriend. He has issues with himself and is not a good match for you, I feel, and you have nothing to feel guilty about. In other words, it's him and not you. You will meet someone you like better after you go through your cooling off period and forget all about whatzizname.

    In the future please remember that your sex life is no one's business but yours and you should never discuss it with anyone. Choose only partners who will not tell everyone they bonked you. "Gentlemen never tell." Sex between consenting adults is not a moral issue. Sex harms no one, it is good for self esteem, and it is lots of fun. Have all the sex you want, but always use a condom.


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  • I'm really sorry but your boyfriend is playing around with you. Let him go. Please. If you don't want to hurt yourself coz definitely you are hurting yourself and it's not a good damn thing. You are in love with him but he is not. So why force eating yummy foods that can cause you allergies? Think again. Im sure when you let him go, you deserve better than him


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