Ex GF says the phone works both ways and I can call her?

So the split wasn't bad. More of a distance thing as she wanted to be back near home and family. We were together a long time. Years... had a career opportunity and didn't go right away but was hopeful we can work things out. We stayed in touch and clearly feelings remained. She immediately started dating someone which caused some problems. Even though that happened and I was having a tough time with she was still saying "well you know it works both ways you can pick up the phone too". I dissappeared for a bit because I was only pushing her away... as those situations can do. Maybe when my head is clear and I'm cool I would consider it... obviously I care... but I'm not stupid either. Why would she even say that? You're with someone else why does she even care?


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  • Because she still cares just because she's with someone new doesn't mean she write you off!!, she probably still has a little feelings too. She might feel like she's the only one who initiates contact so that's why she said that

    • I wasn't ever raging mad at her. I made my share of mistakes like I'm sure lots of us do. I immediately forgave. I was more upset and heartbroken I suppose. The way it ended felt like an unfinished book (I'm sure that's nevvvver happened to anyone else ha). I know I've changed for the better so ofcourse I'd like to maybe have a shot... that's a hard thing even when you know you have years... when communication breaks down and you know they are with someone else... makes it tough to consider putting yourself back out there... I guess that's another question in itself. What's worth fighting for?

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    • Nah yer not mean. That's what I'm trying to figure out. I sent her a friendly text prob 3 weeks ago. Very light hearted. "Saw something and thought of you etc". As in hey everything's cool kinda vibe... no more drama. Got nothin. So I figure I'd wait a month or so. Another guy in the picture, rebound or not, feels like a delicate situation. My attitude is fuck him and any other bs, we had years. Kinda hard to walk completely atleast.

    • You might want to say that just be like hey I just wanted you to know that I don't want drama, just don't say anything about current boyfriend

  • Because she still likes u and she was just trying to make u jealous and she wants u to call her


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