Honestly? He likes me so much so he needs to end it?

I dated this guy for a month.. I know, just a month... but things went extremely well and it really hurts now. We weren't just fooling around and he actually cared to call me, text me and see me everyday. (When he doesn't have time he would still manage to see me for 2 hours) He told me how much he likes me, how much we have in common and an hour before he broke up with me, we were talking about visiting his family!
The only thing is.. he is very stressed and insecure about his work and money and study and he is highly likely to move away in a month due to his job. But once he said "I want to be your bf but you need to give me a month to sort out my life" and I said "ok, I will wait for you."
So completely out of blue he says he needs to end it when it's still early, because he's in a major cross road in his life and he can't distract himself anymore. And I'm so nice that I deserve more commitment which he can't give..
He said sorry but he's given up following his heart. He didn't want to do this but he needed to just for himself.

I mean, I don't know what to do and how to feel... Disappointed? Pity? Can I even believe him?
He is such a nice guy and I actually dont want to let him go... but I guess I have no other options..


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  • He invested a good bit of time courting you, gave you lots of warm fuzzies, then called it quits. You might think this guy needs to sort himself out, but he knows he was playing you. He wants better opportunities. Now he's likely going to another city and has no plans for you. He is cold and calculating, like that boss lady in "The Devil Wears Prada." He has made his choice. You cannot continue this relationship.

    Give yourself a few days to grieve. It was only a month, so get over it. Life is too short and you are not here to suffer. You will meet other guys in your future and will meet someone you like better and who better deserves you. So take a breath and thank your lucky stars things went no further with whatzizname. Now is time to catch up on things you've been missing or neglecting. Enjoy your life.


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  • You say believe him why would lead you to believe him or what has he done to make you not believe him

    • He hasn't done anything to lead me to doubt him.. but to me it doesn't make sense I would wanna end it when I like someone so much

  • During the critical stages of pursuing their goals, some guys, believe it or not, feel that being in a relationship will impede their momentum. In this case, what may appear to be an act of selfishness may actual be an act of selflessness. He is certain that he cannot give you what you need, so he ended it. And by doing so, perhaps he saved both of you great pain later on.


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