Guys if you still want to email/chat/ flirt with a girl you broke up with?

If you broke up with a girl a month ago (not because anyone cheated or did anything bad) and you still have the desire to chat/email/flirt with her, aside from possibly wanting sex, would you say that you still have feelings for her and might want to try to give it a second chance?


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  • The only time that I've seen this occur is if he's really horny or he just had a break up and you're the rebound. But at least now you have the upper hand.

    • No break up but horny possibly. But I live 2 hours away - he lives in NYC so if he wants to get laid, that's not a problem. Do you think he possibly has some misgivings about the breakup? He broke up with me when everything was going well. He also has been divorced only a year and was not completely over what happened with his ex so the timing was bad...

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    • Thanks for the advice!:)

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