Do girls like it when guys are desperate to win them back or to get them?

How do you girls feel about an ex trying what ever he can (without being creepy) trying to get you back? Also how do you feel about a guy you're "talking" to doing what ever he can to get you?


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  • It depends how he does it. If he pursues me in a selfless and sacrificial way than it is sweet and romantic but if he pursues me in a selfish and aggressive way then it's a turn off. It also depends what he looks like. I would not date a dutch guy because I don't like the way their language sounds, would not date a guy with an abnormally big head, would not date a guy with an unpleasant voice, would not date a guy who is poor at communicating his ideas, would not date a guy who makes theological errors when he is studying the bible, would not date a guy who wants to have sex before marriage.


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  • Not at all. If you want someone back, you must follow three important guidelines:
    1. DO NOT act desperate
    2. DO NOT beg
    3. Be calm and have no expectations. The resin why is to stop yourself from getting too excited and making an ass out of yourself.
    4. Show them you're fine and not falling apart without them. This isn't done to be rude and I don't suggest you say you're fine if you're not. You must really be GOOD.
    Give space, time, and patience. If you send a message, mean everything you say, or don't bother. You must re- establish trust and take your time. If it take a few months, or maybe even a year who cares.
    Now, however long down the road, you're both watching a movie at home, and you say " I missed you," then see where it goes. I hope this helps.


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  • If the relationship ended once, you have to ask yourself:
    1) Why?
    2) Is the problem solved?

    If you don't *know* why, or if the problem isn't solved, you aren't doing yourself or her a favor by pursuing her.


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