Worried about my relationship with one of my female friends , things went bad to worse?

first off we weren't in a relationship in the sense but friends is what I mean in the sense , we have known each other for a few years now. I see a lot of her during the summer when she is back from school. I had seen a lot of her recently and though things had improved between us. but then all of a sudden she was dating this new guy and he suddenly appeared at bar me and her plus our friends hung out at and things just seemed all weird with him there dating her. then she got annoyed when I talked to her younger sister when she was not around ( her sister works at that bar ) and now she thinks I want to date her. she also got annoyed when I showed up at golf course she works at to use driving range , she just though I was there for her and that I was following her around. she also got annoyed with my text messages and has blocked me.

so yeah basically things aren't very good between us at moment and I haven't even seen or heard from her since last Friday night when she walked out in disgust after finding out I had been hanging out at bar with her sister. I don't even know what to say to her now , things seem so bad I'm getting worried as I really liked her and she was one of my favorite people. .

is there anything I can do? or are things over? has she just moved on to this new guy and doesn't need guys like me in her life anymore? what about her sister can I still be friends with her even if other one doesn't want anything to do with me?


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  • From what you've said, it seems to me that she was settling for the guy she's dating but she really wanted you, so she got mad for you talking to her sister. You've tried to make amends with her, but she wouldn't reciprocate. You've done all you could do, now its HER problem to deal with. Just leave it alone until she comes around, you've left the ball in her court.

    I think it's fine if you continue to talk to her sister. If she's mad because she had feelings for you first, then that her own fault. You can't be held responsible for her actions, or lack thereof when it came to telling you how she felt.


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  • Don't be friends with the sister because the older sister is a jealous bitch.
    She will ruin it!

    • well yeah I do see that as a problem and she might of already tried to ruin things , but I think sister is attracted to me and some genuine interest , I don't think she is just going to lose interest cause sister tells her its not a good idea.

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    • ok but do you think she even wants me back at this point or has she moved on to this other guy even if he might just be a rebound? would this girl even be able to handle me and younger sister spending time together or is she going to lose it at some point?

    • Dude she wants you back BUT don't return to her. She is a jealous bitch who will ruin your life.
      She will lose it and try to convince her little sister that you are bad.

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