Ex-boyfriend as of last week is telling different things to his male friend as opposed to his female friend about wanting to give us a new try!?

Okay so my ex boyfriend as of last week whom he broke up with me is telling his male friend "he still misses me, and that he is concidering another shot", while he is telling his female friend and my friend that he is completely done with me and only sees me as a friend. Today he asked my own friend to lie for him and say he is "seeing someone else and to make up something", which he recently found out i was trying to avoid him for 30 days to let the relationship and things "cool down" after he just broke up with me, why is he telling his guy friend he still cares and wants another shot, while he is asking my friend to lie for him and is saying he isn't giving anymore chances?


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  • It sounds like not everyone is being honest, consider motives. If it is true guys either act manly or truly confide in their trusted friends. Based off of what you said he conversed to him it would be more confiding than boasting.

    • yeah i dont think his female friend is being completely honest with me, i felt like the guy was twlling the truth, and if he is i just didn't know if i should wait to make a move or wait for him to tell me where he wants to go from here

    • If the female friend that is involved is his friend then I reiterate look at motives. Is she interested in him?

    • she claims no, but not entirelt sure,
      she has had a bf of 2.5 years herself and if "devoted" to him as she claims

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  • Let me make this clear.
    Guys are closer to their guy friends.
    He is telling his guy friends the truth and is lying to female friends to act "brave".
    He is trying to make you jealous.
    He is immature and ridiculous. I wouldn't take him back if I were you.


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  • Don't condemn himl He is trying to spare your feelings, and he thinks YOU aren't interested in getting back together, so he tries to get your friends to tell you he's already dating someone else, or that he's not interested in trying again.

    What he tells his male friends is likely closer to the truth. He thinks you probably wouldn't FIND OUT what he tells them..


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