When your ex boyfriend is contacting you... is he playing games?

My ex of 6 mos broke up with me a few weeks ago. Three weeks later he's been emailing me and called me once to chat. I went on vacation and he emailed me twice, sending me photos from his guy's weekend in Cape Cod and being flirty and funny. I responded and said we should get together soon and he said yes, it will be really good to see me. I know its not about him getting laid (trust me on this one). Is he just being cruel and playing with me or do you think he's having second thoughts? I know that when I am done with someone, I avoid them like the plague...


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  • he probably hitting blanks in the dating scene

    • I thought that - he is 49 years old and I am his first relationship since his marriage, so he is back in the dating scene after 10 years. I was surprised we lasted 6 months, usually guys don't want a commitment after a divorce. Ultimately, I think he freaked and didn't want to be tied down, wanted to be free to pick and choose. Dating seems so exciting in theory - lol. Like you said, maybe he got out there and realized it wasn't as easy as he thought (he is 49 now, not 39- he even mentioned to me when we were together that he didn't see women looking at him anymore) plus he probably forgot that most women are freakin' crazy. He admitted to me when we broke up that I had all the qualities he wanted in a woman - there was nothing specific he could pin point. Do you think that it sounds like he is trying to reconnect?

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  • If you think it's not about him getting laid, then trust your instinct! :) Then only way you'll know if he's playing with you is seeing how he interacts with you once/after you guys have met up. The only way you'll know if he's having seconds thoughts is after you've talked with him when you guys meet up. But I think the best thing you can do is decide how you feel about him before you guys see each other to hang out. Make sure your mind is set before you're around him again, so you don't walk through any open doors that were meant to stay shut. haha Sometimes we go against what is right for us because we never really made up our minds, so we end up being easily wavered into directions we meant to avoid. Don't let that happen to you, it'll be a mess. Decide what you want beforehand. :)

    • You are right, I have to make sure its what I want. Plus when you get dumped, sometimes its more pride than actually wanting the person back. I mean, I wasn't madly in love with him but I felt there was enough there to continue the relationship. He is 49 years old, broke, lost his job and his having a hard tme getting over his divorce, so there are a lot of issues. I am the first woman he has had a relationship with since his marriage so he's new to the dating scene...

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    • He is not in a place emotionally to have a relationship right now. Staying friends may be the best thing to do right now. Maybe he also needs time to experience dating again, get it out of his system.

    • Well while he's adjusting, just be there for him. It'll be much appreciated and it won't go unnoticed :) selflessness speaks volumes!

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  • How did it end? It depends on the motives and your reactions

    • It was out of the blue. There were issues on his end though - he lost his job, is broke and is having a hard time getting over his divorce a year ago. He is 49 years old, he is not a kid. So emotionally he was confused plus I think he is still hung up on his ex. He said nothing specific happened, he just wasn't "feeling it" anymore.

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    • It seems to me you have a nice thing going on, I mean, you know each other for almost a decade.
      It's probably not helpful but, I think things will work out for you two.
      Wish you the best and good luck (:

    • Thank you so much sweetie. Good luck to you too:)

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