Do Ex girlfriends every forget how they felt with you?

Im wondering if my ex still has feelings for me. We had a 2 year relationship and the break up wasn't too bad. She broke up with me and it was obviously sad for both of us. The only thing I did wrong was that I might have texted her a comment that made her cry but I think it was more out of guilt than anything. We were both emotional and she said that she gets confused when she sees me.

So im wondering if I fall off the grid for a couple weeks or months if those feelings will always be there. I was intending to reconnect after a long period of time to see if we could start over. I think 2 months of being broken up isn't soon enough to start contacting her regularly. I did recently see her and we have text once every so often but haven't talked on the phone except for the week after we broke up.


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  • From personal experience, no. It's very hard to forget the good times you've had with someone. For me, once in a while my mind will drift and I'll think of the good times I've had with some of my exes, no matter how bad the breakup was (although that would definitely be a deciding factor in whether or not I'd get back together with him.) Honestly, it sounds like you're on the right track. You sound like you know what you did wrong, you're sorry, and you realize that it will take some time to get back to normal with her. Just give it time, and see what happens, and hopefully things will, indeed, work out :)

    • good statement. i have an ex that stated that.. i remember the good and the bad. i believe there's more good than bad and eventually time will take care of that. good luck to you too dude.

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  • Never.
    Most likely she cried for a long time
    Even if she broke up with you
    And we look back YEARS and wonder how it would have been if that relationship worked and it got to the point of marriage
    So no

  • I don't think you ever forget if it was a long term relationship, but it comes down to whether you are a negative or positive memory.


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