I want my ex girlfriend back, what's my next move?

My ex girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me just over 3 months ago because she felt I wasn't as in to her as she was to me, at the time this was partially true although I did love her and treat her well. She was VERY into me for 2 years. We were initially on a break period for a few weeks and met up on dates a few times so I as 'fairly' relaxed about it as I felt we would sort it out. During this time I came to realise what I wanted and on the third occasion I told her I wanted her, I was very much in love and wanted to get back together. Ironically she said she didn't know what she wanted anymore. I later found out she had dated a guy twice shortly after we broke up. I was crushed.

After a few more weeks I persuaded her to meet up for a date to see how things would go. It was amazing. She invited herself back to my house, although nothing happened. I did try to kiss her but she turned away, saying she hadn't kissed anyone in a while and wasn't sure she remembered how (cop out!). Ok so nothing happened with the other guy I thought which was good. She told me the next day it was wonderful, and that she was very sure everything would be fine with us and she felt very positive she just needed some space and wanted to see her friends more after being in a long relationship. We would go out again.

So I asked her out again a couple of weeks later after she had finished some studies she had going on. She took two days to reply and said she was sick and could we reschedule. Bearing in mind my emotions were running high I got a bit pissed off and thought she was messing me around. I decided to also wait a few days to say ok and eventually called her and it was a nice conversation and we would go out again.

A couple of days later I spotted on Facebook she had booked a holiday with a friend to go away. After we had spoken on our date about going away together.

To be continued...
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  • I would talk to her first because she probably wants to to message her first


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  • Talk to her about her holiday, but don't get upset about it, just be happy for her, then ask her if you can go for a date before she leaves. Tell her you'll miss her very much while she's gone.


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