I want my ex girlfriend back what's my next move?

My ex gf of 2 years broke up with me 3 mnths ago. She felt I wasn't as into her as she was to me. We were initially on a break for a few wks and met up a few times. During this time I realised I wanted her and on the 3rd occasion I told her I was in love and wanted to get back together. Ironically she said she didn't know what she wanted. I later found out she had dated a guy twice shortly after we broke up.

After a few more weeks I persuaded her to meet for a date. It was great. She invited herself to my house, although nothing happened. I tried to kiss her but she turned away, saying she hadn't kissed anyone in a while and wasn't sure she remembered. She told me the nxt day it was wonderful, and she was sure everything would be fine. She needed space and wanted to see her friends more after a long relationship.

I asked her out again 2 wks later. She took 2 days to reply and said she was sick and could we reschedule. I thought she was messing with me so I decided to wait a few days to say ok. It was a nice conversation and we would go out again. (she was sick!)

2 days later I spotted on FB she had booked a holiday with a friend after we had spoken on our date about going away together. It set my emotions off so I asked if we could talk. We met up and I said I was on an emotional rollercoaster (not kissing etc./ the guy) and wanted to understand. She said she was hung up on how indifferently I treated her before so was finding it hard to forget. We would agree to talk after her holiday 4 weeks later.

The next day she changed her mind and told me I should consider it over. She didn't want to string me along. This set my emotions into overdrive. I went over cried and told her I loved her. She said she loved me. Also unprompted from me. Back to not talking until after the holiday. After 1 wk I stupidly broke the silence as I missed her and had a needy episode. She ignored me. I apologised later and she said I should look after myself and make myself happy
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Question is... She's back next week. After 3 wks of no contact do I contact her or do I wait for her! I'm crazy about her but am scared if I wait this other guy might still be on the scene and I could lose her. I want to fight!
I should add she was massively in love with me the whole two years and pursued me until I caved. Shoes on the other foot now! Thing that shocked me the most was a sudden turn around of feelings.


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  • I would text her and see what's going on now


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  • Wait for her to contact you, if she wants to be with you she will come back, simples. Do you really want to chase her around and convince her to get back with you, only for her to fake feelings for you? You will just find yourself right back here, as you are now


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  • This relationship sounds like a train wreck. Your best plan is to wait for her to contact you.

  • I call bullshit. Sounds like she doesn't know and this could be pretty unhealthy. My opinion is to move on, and wait for her to contact you. You put the effort out there and were pretty much shot down.


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