I really want breakup with my boyfriend... how do I do it?

We've been dating for two years, and we've grown apart. He's in a band, and they're always doing stuff, and he wants to tour with them, and play gigs and stuff, which is great, but he's not going to have a lot of time. Additionally, I'm going to start college within the next year 3 hours away as a music major, so I also won't have very much time :( We're just growing into different people who want different things, and lately he's been very clingy, which is making it really hard, because I think I'm falling out of love, and I don't really like to kiss or do any of the stuff we used to. I'm just really confused on how to handle this.


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  • You tell him what you have just told us. If you no longer want to hug and kiss him then it is definitely time to break it off. It's better to do it sooner rather than later cos its not going to be any easier the longer you leave it. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to make breaking up easy, but it has to be done. And remember the worst thing you can do is stay with someone just because you don't want to hurt them, he will be fine and so will you


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  • This should do it...


  • Tell him you think it's best you take a break from each other
    and your going start college so you want to explore more
    things in life but you really need to take a break from the dating
    scene when you do break up cause it's no good to get involved
    with someone new right away, take some time to get a education,
    meet new people at college, meet new guys who will just be friends
    you need take time to find your inner self and what you want in life

  • "ayo [inesert name here] I think we need to break up [insert reasons why here should he ask]"

    • easier said than done, hahaha

    • Simply say it directly like that. It's actually quite simple.

      GO out for lunch somewhere public where he cannot make a scene and has to be civil about the discussion.

  • "and lately he's been very clingy, which is making it really hard, because I think I'm falling out of love"

    hence why guys need to learn to never ever be clingy, because it kills female attraction.

    Just tell him "Hey, I think we should see other people."


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