Guy stops contact with me for a long time, everything was great?

A while ago, this guy and I have been speaking online, and we got along really well. We cared for one another and listened to each other's problems and everything. Then about October of 2013 he said he had to undergo surgery, of course I was worried. He also said if he were gone for a while it was because of that. Seven months and nothing from him since. I assumed he wasn't going to ever speak to me again, so I moved on.
He lied to me.
He was doing just fine. I found out that he was down in Florida with his parents. He lied.
And today I found out that he has got a girlfriend.
I have a boyfriend now, but I can't help but feel betrayed and hurt. All this time I have been wondering, where is he, what is going on?
He just left me.


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  • Wow what he did was very wrong. And I think one day you should call him out at it and tell him how it hurted you and how wrong it was. He had to have a reason to lie. But it was still wrong because he just dissappeared like it was nothing. If it was me I would tell him a piece of my mind. If he didn't want to be bothered then that is all he had to do was to tell you. I am glad that you have a boyfriend now and at least moved on.

    • He couldn't even tell me what was going on. He just lied and planned to never speak to/contact me again. I just wanna know why.

    • Yes that is so true and I feel you do deserve to know the reason why he did it? I am assuming it was to be with another girl. Which is still missed up and wrong. But even if he gives you a reason then it can be some closure with it. The sad part is even if he tells you a reason it would be hard to believe him or even take him serioulsy since the trust has been broken. He not only told a lie but a really big lie at that.

    • i agree with coolbreeze completely

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