My ex is heavily contacting me again, am I misreading the situation?

My ex of 8 months ended things a month ago. The last 2 weeks, he has started contacting me again. It seems obvious that he is feeling me out with the intention of possibly reconnecting. These are the things he's been doing:
1) Emailed/called me with a stupid excuse.
2) Said we should get together, that it will be great to see me
3) Emailed me pics of his long weekend with his two buddies along with funny captions to each photo
4) Asked me to email him when I was in North Carolina with my friends, but he ended up emailing me first to say hi
5) We have mutual friends and is having them say "hello" to me from him.
Is that what it sounds like or am I misreading this? Mind you, we did not discuss being friends when we broke up plus its way too early to even consider that.


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  • sounds like he wants a 2nd chance
    How badly was the break up and who caused it?

    • He broke it off - it was very sudden. Things were going well, he said it was nothing specific and he swore to me that it was not over another woman. He is having financial problems and is still trying to get over his divorce from a year ago, so he has issues.

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    • Ty, i hope this helps you out in you're future :)

    • Yes thank you so much!:)

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