Why would he ask me if I was dating after he treated me like crap?

My ex & I been broken up for years now. I see him every weekend after we had sex just for that night. We argued all the time after that night (since march!) He pretty much said he hated me & doesn't like me (even tho I never told him I liked him) A couple weekends ago for a night out I went with my guy friend we're very close we get mistaken as a couple a lot! So my ex asked how I was I replied nicely & tried to walk away then he started massaging my shoulders so I snatched away he made me really uncomfortable. My guy friend & were just jokin around & I seen my ex staring at me not too happy. Just last week I walked by him & he was asked if my friend & I were dating. I said why? He said he seen us talkin on Facebook about how my mom likes him? I wanted to lie but I said no. But I guess I'm confused cuz he hasn't apologized about the things he's said & is acting like nothing happen. Obviously I don't know if I should be staying away from him or be ok with him. It's a little weird to me. He's a prick one min then nice? Any advice?


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  • he's a prick because its the only thing that works on you. ask yourself whether you've enabled any other kind of behavior from him. You're practically obsessing over the dude because he's been an asshole, did you give it a second thought when he was actually nice?


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  • Your ex is a perfect example of how we always want what we can't have. Seeing as the way he treated you when you were dating and how he's acting now, i don't think he respects nor values you. He sees you as something to have and to compete for, instead of someone to cherish and hold in high esteem, which he doesn't deserve. And I'm also going to assume that he has some sense of entitlement or arrogance since he hasn't apologized and doesn't feel the need to do so.

    I would stay away from him and block him on Facebook.

    • should it make a difference since he apologized recently? I ust gave him a hug & accepted it & walked away I don't know how to respond

    • I think you responded well.

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