Guys have you ever dumped a girl and then cruelly misled her into thinking you wanted her back?

Would you ever mislead a girl, due to jealousy or control, into thinking you wanted her back when you really didn't?


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  • no I have no desire to put effort into something like that. I'd rather just move on with my life

    • So do you think it's safe to say that my ex who broke up with me a month ago, who is now emailing me/called me, saying we should have coffee and hang out, emailed me on my vaca to say hi, and passing on messages to me through my friends, is trying to reconnect?

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    • Meaning he just may want to get laid - lol

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  • I have a very strong aversion to drama, so no I wouldn't.

  • no never!:P I wonder who would do such a thing

    • So when you break up with a girl you are done, unless you felt you made a mistake

    • basically yeah. I always try my best to get us both the closure we need before we part ways.

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