How does a guy act around a girl when he is not over her?

Guys, did it ever happened that you broke up with a girl cause you thought you didn't love her anymore, and then realize you maybe lost someone great? Did you ever regret leaving her?
If so, how did you act and feel when you were around that girl again?


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  • Yes. I had a hard time playing it cool. I fought. It was a peculiar situation though. Trying again with the same person and the situation is also different than the first time and I'm giving a wide birth. As for how it feels... personally it's the worst thing I have yet to go through... when you feel so strongly for someone and you know you might lose them forever.

    • Did you get back with that woman?

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    • And how did it go? Did you feel as in love as before?

    • Absolutely. It was great. Trying to get her back again. We split again for other reasons outside us... it ended up turning into a mess lol.

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  • You feel low, but at the same time you know you can't act like it, so you pretend you don't care or you don't pay attention to her.

    • Yeah. Yesterday I saw my ex boyfriend for the first time since the breakup. He was weird. Specialy when he was about to leave and he acted awkward... touching me quickly in the shoulder and saying it was really nice to see me. And then he said "I'm sure you will be ok.". Wtf? It's this pity?

  • Yes I did. Now we've been married for 10 years.

    • When and why did you realize the mistake you made?
      And did you believe you didn't love her when you broke up?
      Thanks a lot for the answer. :-)

    • Well yeah I was 17 and so was she at the time. She was a good girl and I thought being young, dumb, and never yourked a truly hard day in my life yet that I wanted to chase the wild ones. After we I broke it off a few years past and I guess I grew up and started to realize what is real should be held in the highest value. Called her up one day and we met at a park. Dated a year. Moved out together at 21. Asked her to marry me on the Nags Head beach NC. Had a boy and a girl in between. Here we are... Still in love. Don't get me wrong, life sux sometimes but I put in the work and she puts it in right back.

    • :) don't think in all those years I learned to spell very well.

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