Do people hide their true emotions after a break up?

Do you hide your emotions or say things you don't mean to say after you break up with someone just to get them to leave you alone? What are your tactics?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Breakups are never easy. I broke up with one guy, because he continued to pressure me into conforming to his religion. I made very clear that this was the reason. Nothing personal, just a difference of opinion. He said some mean things, but I knew it was because he felt hurt. I told him that I felt hurt as well, but that it had to happen, because long-term this wouldn't work out. I try not to say things unnecessarily out of anger that I may regret or don't mean, but I feel that people do make this mistake.


What Guys Said 1

  • I usually tell my closest friends and then think nothing of it for about a week. I'll supress it and then talk to my ex about it and then let it go. There's no sense in trying to hold on to something that's already gone.


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