I need to stop myself from reaching out to my EX.. Help me and write me... So, hows life treating yall? Feel free to vent?

Breakups are the worst... I need help.. I told him I'm gonna leave him alone and even tho I never went through with it, I need the strength to now.


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  • 1st step is to remove temptations:
    -Cell phones --> delete number
    -Social media --> delete friend

    Those are very easy steps that only takes a couple of movement of the hand to do. It's the mental struggle to do this simple task that's harder. And for that, the only thing you can do is to dig deep. Heck you could ask a friend to do it for you if you want.

    • We were never friends on social media and I blocked his number. The bad part is even tho he's blocked I still can can see if he texted or called me. Not only that I know his # by heart... :(

    • That's odd, on my Android, once I block a number, I don't ear from it again.

    • I wish my phone was like that

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What Guys Said 1

  • Talk to me I'll help u forget him if you'd like

    • Try it... anything to keep my mind off of him.

    • So where do u live what type of music do u like fave song right now

    • I live in NY, I like all types of music and my fav song at the moment is All of me by John Legend.

What Girls Said 2

  • omg i am going through the same thing right now... it sucks. i think your in the right to keep your distance, but make sure to find some closure, it will relieve some pain. feel free to pm me if you want to talk more.

    • Well, we can go through this together... I do need closure but every time I try to get it, it never works.

  • I'm here, if you need any advice or anything, I've been there trust me and I know how you feel, just message me.


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