Why do people break up directly after marriage (please read details)?

assume they have been together for about 7 years, have been living together for about 4 years, they break up the week after marriage. everything was fine before. what are the reasons for such a breakup?


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  • I would say there are two main reasons. Now that it is official one or both of them feel they have the other trapped, and no longer have to put work into the relationship. The other reason is they got married in a last ditch effort to save a failing relationship.

    • they were totally fine before. marriage was the only difference. but how can you feel so trapped if you allready had a releationship before? in fact nothing was changed through the marriage.

    • It isn't about them feeling trapped, it is about feeling the other person is trapped. It is easy to say "We are married, they aren't going anywhere" and then ignore the problem. If people didn't believe that marriage would change something, then they wouldn't want to get married. There would be no point to get married if nothing changed. So at least on of them either felt the freedom to change now that they were married, and might have even expected the other to change for them. We are after all taught to believe certain things about marriage from a young age that clearly aren't true. Such as marriage is a lifetime commitment.

    • i guess it´s because people feel strangely obliged by society to do it after a certain number auf years together xD but it makes sense.

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  • some people can't commit to marriage, or they just fell out of love, some people that i know that were married and got a divorce really quickly was because there partners were lazy and lack of communication, some get married to make there relationship work and if it doesn't work they get a divorce.


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  • They probably thought they were ready for it, and they weren't.


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