How easy it for you guys to date other people after a breakup?

My ex and I broke up after 3 years together, and she's already "crushing" on another guy. I don't find it so easy to just date or have interest in another person so quickly. How easy is it for you guys to date other people and what's the usual "good time" to start dating again?


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  • How do you know she is dating someone else? It is not easy for girls either. She will always remember you no matter what, especially since you were her first for everything. Maybe she is trying to get over you and move on by talking to someone else.

    • We have mutual friends and they just so happen to tell me while we were hanging out.

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  • I went through a hellish 6 months 3 months ago... I was down right depressed. I got dumped, I got attacked my being University dorm neighbour, and I ended up living such a lonely life locked up in my room almost 24/7, only to go out to my lectures and seminars..

    Every Saturday night I was hoping I'd go on a night out and find a special girl I could date, but she never came. As I slipped further into depression, I realised something astonishing: don't expect things to go your way, wait till they do.

    Sitting around hoping life gets easier is a waste of time, because more often than not, it won't.

    My ex broke up with me after 3 years too , and I felt like utter crap, believe me, but as soon as I found my footing again, as soon as I realised I'm the most important human being on this planet I found a girl who truly appreciates me for who I am, not what I am.

    I would tend to say that 4-6 months is enough to get over someone, not forget completely, but to get over them. As soon as you start dating someone else you forget your own self, the guy who was desperate to get back with the ex, or desperate to find someone to fill that gap.

    If she's already crushing on someone else, she might of known him, or at least was crushing on him during the end of your relationship - this happened with my ex. She dumped me on New Years day, and a week after I left for my Gap year trip, she told me, over the phone, she was seeing someone else...

    A year on I'm dating someone incredible, who understands me, who doesn't get mad at my little quirks, but laughs with them...

    You'll always find someone better mate, trust me.


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  • A good time to start dating again is when you're completely over the person and the break up, you've found your independence again and you're back up on your feet.

    • Yeah we broke up a week or so ago, she deleted me on all social networking sites, and started talking to another guy. I was her first for everything, and I just find it very distasteful.

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    • Yeah she's saying how much she wants him. It's like wow if you're going to say that at least don't let my family see it on social media.

    • Yeah, she isn't very consider of you or how this can or DOES come off.

  • In the past it took me a long time. This time around, I was over the relationship for months before it even ended, so I'm not feeling any emotional pain that would prevent me from wanting to date again.

  • if she loved you she could just be trying to fall out of love by moving on to keep u off her mind.


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  • there is no set time for these kinds of things , you gotta do what you feel is best for yourself. if you meet someone interesting and want to date them go for it but don't feel pressured to point you feel you have to date someone rate away or after certain number of weeks. just see how things go and if someone appears go for it but don't feel it has to happen rate away just to get over ex

  • A good time is about 2 weeks after the last relationship finished.
    Don't waste any more of your life than that.
    It gets easier with practice, so don't get out of practice.

  • not easy for me at all, the good time is when your at the point where you can't continue to wait to get to know another person


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