I need serious breakup advice?

Okay so here are the details:

In October I was broken up with and it ended a relationship of over 2 years with my first love. I was devastated. I reconnected with an old best friend afterwards, one who had a history of liking me, but I just wanted a friend.

Over the months he was so nice to me and sweet and we drunkenly kissed one night which lead to more hooking up. Anyway I really thought I was falling in love with him and I told him that. 7 months after my break up I got into a relationship with this friend. Now its only a month into the relationship and I'm feeling anxious and like it was a mistake and my feelings were confused.

I care for this guy so much and I don't want to lose him and I certainly dont want to hurt him but I just don't know what to do or how to handle this.


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  • Definitly don't tell him you just want to be friends... its a major kick to the balls... tell him you think you made a mistake by going out with him and that you're sorry... he may not talk to you for awhile but he should come around! Hope this helps!


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