Help? What is my ex intention?

Ex asks when I want my stuff then no Reply? Wth?
Dated my ex on and off a few years, broke up with him and didn't hear anything from him for 4 weeks until he text me " hey, sorry u haven't heard from me I've been busy working on myself and things I have neglected. I really hope u are doing well. Im reaching out to you because you stoll hsbe your stuff here. Let me know when you want your stuff back.

So I text him. " I'm free anytime this week just let me know." It's been a week and he hasn't even responded!

What is he thinking? Why hasn't


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  • Maybe he's busy. Or just waiting for you to come and get your things.

    • But then why ask me when is good for me to come get them? And when I respond there's no reply from him?

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    • Hmm why do you think he would mention that he's been" taking time to focus on himself and fix things he's been neglecting?"

    • That's his inner turmoil that he's dealing with.

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  • Well it looks like he isn't very reliable. So - if you want your stuff back, you better text him which day you wanna get it and then get it back.


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